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Green Plank composite decking is made from a homogeneous combination of natural materials - wood/rice husk fibers and polymers. This unique combination of nature and technology offers all the beauty, strength, and variety of natural wood and durability of plastic making Green Plank composite decking naturally, high-quality with greater resistance to moisture, mold, mildew, UV and staining.
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  1. -3%
    Smart Komposittrall Ipé – not och fjäder trallbrädor 23*152*3500 mm
    Specialpris 557,50 kr Ordinarie pris 573,75 kr
  2. -8%
    SmartCap Inkapslad komposittrall Baltic Grey – not och fjäder trallbrädor 23*142*3800 mm
    Specialpris 802,50 kr Ordinarie pris 873,75 kr
  3. -19%
    Komposittrall Teak - Classic trallbräda 25*135*3800 mm
    Specialpris 303,63 kr Ordinarie pris 373,75 kr
  4. -17%
    Komposittrall Beach Grey - Classic Jumbo™ extra bred trallbräda 23*200*4800 mm
    Specialpris 518,75 kr Ordinarie pris 622,50 kr
  5. -2%
    Komposittrall Beach Grey - Marine 40 massiv trallbräda 19*146*4800 mm
    Specialpris 548,75 kr Ordinarie pris 561,25 kr
  6. -6%
    Komposittrall Rustic Grey - MarineArt™ massiv trallbräda 19*130*4800 mm
    Specialpris 481,25 kr Ordinarie pris 512,50 kr
  7. -13%
    Komposittrall Beach Grey - Sapphire; trallbräda 25*150*4800 mm
    Specialpris 396,25 kr Ordinarie pris 457,50 kr
  8. -5%
    Komposittrall Beach Grey - MarineJumbo™ massiv trallbräda 31*225*3600 mm
    Specialpris 945,00 kr Ordinarie pris 990,00 kr
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Artiklar 1-15 av 79

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